Boys Brigade Old Boys 3 - 3 The View
29th March 2014 - 13:30 PM at Preston Park
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Scorers: Tom Hunt, Miguel Catalan (2)

Lineup: Kevin Thaxter, Brad Hart, Tom Hunt (c), Jason Bantock, Dave Thaxter, Lazaro Rios, Duncan Foster, Diego Martinez, Modesto Ruiz, Tom Noble, Jamie Hyde, Miguel Catalan

Subs: Tom Agnew, Daniel Yanev, Duncan Foster

Match Report:
The view start with spanish trio in the centre for the first time and here the game is on – 1st minute, Diegito lindo stole a ball in the middle of the park pass it to Miguel who got enough space to go trough with it and smack a superb shot out of the goal keper area 1-0! The keeper was helpless to do anything. What a great start for the home team

Next 10 minutes the away team got the possesion of the ball and try few crosses from corners and free kicks defended well by View defence. Another corner by opposition end up with shot over the post. Alarm bells of View players should start ringing! Good supporting on the back and great display from Lazaro who plays as a DMC clearing almost every ball away and stoping BBB players of reaching clear shots on goal. After another shot by BBB striker whistle past the post came time for Jamie to try his luck – just wide. Once again the opposition has a chance by free kick to put some presure with Kev going for the ball risky, at the end defence cleared the ball. Half time.

Seconf half started the worst posible scenario as long ball forward reached BBB striker, who was faster than The View defence and easy shot past Kev 1-1.

As usual The view has to consiede a goal and than start playing well... here we go – flick pass for Miguel who is behind defence and 2-1 for The View!!! Great atack! After few attacks by both teams came corner for BBB that end up in our net 2-2. Again View players has to switch on and after another excelent attack by Miguel skipping past 3 or 4defenders, ball to Hunt who selabrate one of his rear Goals View again ahead 3-2.

Everything seems like View are going to win that crazy game, but last minute corner wasnt cleared by defence and very lucky BBB got a point for that match 3-3 and final whistle.

MOM Votes:
15 Miguel Catalan
1 Modesto Ruiz