Bright10 Mile 2015
18th October 2015, Sunday

Tim Finch, Paul Grimstone & Svetozar Popov all took part in the inaugural Bright10 mile run on Sunday 18th October. With a tough 90 minuets against Midway the day before there were some tired legs lining up at the start on Hove lawns at 9am.

With all three runners starting the race on their own it took until the Palace Pier before the Um-bongo sponsored Finch caught up Grimstone before the climb up to the Marina. With the fresh sea breeze picking up the duo finally caught up with the bobbing head of the little Bulgarian.

With the View trio united they quickly made strides towards the 10k mark. The affects of the Midway match were starting to take their toll on Popov & Grimstone as legs began to tire. Finally the lawns came back into sight, passing the 9 mile marker and turning for the home straight the gathering crowd helped give a final push towards the finish line.

Tim Finch 1:30:08
Paul Grimstone 1:31:18
Svetozar Popov 1:31:25

Bright10 Mile - Finch, Grimstone, Popov

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