The Lectern 2 - 2 The View
12th September 2015 - 14:00 PM at Bevendean Park
  • Lineup & Report

Scorers: Miguel Catalan (2)

Lineup: Jake Caldecourt, Tom Hunt, Aaron Thaxter (c), Jason Bantock, Ciaran Kelly, Jamie Hyde, Sam Wakely, Hamish Sinclair, Kevin Thaxter, Miguel Catalan, Svetozar Popov


Match Report:
On awaking at 7:00am on my uncles sofa in littlehampton , I drew back the curtains to see that the sun was shining and the grass had a glistening sparkle from the Autumn morning dew . Getting over a day of fast cars and plenty of beers at the Goodwood revival , all I could think about was getting back home and getting ready for The Views second game away to The Lectern . But not before a PMP ........

Upon arriving at Bevendean park and squeezing into the worlds smallest changing room ,The View seemed in great spirits and well up for the game ahead , hoping we would play the football form the previous week .

Walking up to the pitch and seeing the referee we had been appointed Kevin "Black Ball" Thaxter started having flashbacks from his sending off last season , it was the young Ref that in his report said Kevin Thaxter kicked the player in the head whilst on the floor . This aside The older Thaxter went up to the him and shook his hand before making preparations for the game ahead.

The View started with Jake Caldecourt in goal due to an absent Tim Finch who was off doing some run which involved drinking a lot of alcohol and eating various amount of food on the way round . Replacing Jamie at left back was our very own pest Jason Bantock , centre of defence was the Rock and younger Thaxter Ace , outside him on the right was Thomas Hunt who is increasingly getting closer to taking The title off of Bantock . Across the middle was K . Thaxter on the left , inside him started Hamish Sinclair stepping in for the absent Jordan Cole , in the holding role was Twinkle toes Sam Wakely , alongside him we had Jamie Hyde moving up from last weeks position of left back and outside him on his second game for The View was our only Irish player adding to the international stature of The Club Ciaran Kelly . Sitting up top was our Spanish goal machine Miguel Catalan and supporting him for the day we had our Bulgarian brother Zarko (Svetozar Popov).

The View started a bit slow with The Lectern moving the ball across the pitch quite comfortably but coming to no avail.

The View started to work together as a unit and got the ball down and started knocking the ball around nicely and started to look like the team from the previous week , Zarko received the ball from Hamish in the centre of the park and slotted it through to the advancing spaniard Miguel that took the ball to the right of the box and smashed the ball between the keeper and the post , 1-0 to The View with 18 minutes gone.

Jason Bantock makes a clean tackle on their advancing winger but he throws himself to the floor and after getting to his feet Jason threw the ball at his opponent only to recieve a yellow card for his outburst , 30 minutes gone.

Kev winning the ball but ref giving a penalty to the diving spaniard and then kev kicking their number 10 as he went to retrieve the ball ......classic.

Match Report: By Kevin Thaxter

MOM Votes

Miguel 7
Jake 4
Zarko 1