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The View FC

The club was formed 12 years ago by a young Robert Temple-Smithson from the dying embers of Harbour View F.C., a small pub team overlooking Shoreham Harbour. Recruiting new players, the view built a reputation of being hard to beat. Alistair Lawson took over the reigns and despite some question marks over financial irregularities, the club prospered.

The club had its greatest year in 2000/2001 under Lawson's stewardship, winning the Division 1 title, the College Bowl and the President's Trophy.

Next year the club looked to the experience of Tony Eke and were not disappointed, achieving 2nd place in the Premier Division - the View's highest ever placing. Things started to go downhill soon after, as Eke left to manage Old V's in the Mid Sussex League, taking half the squad with him. Only the bare bones remained and even the talismanic return of Alistair Lawson could not prevent the club being relegated back to Division 1.

A succession of managers followed, with only Lucas McGrady providing a brief respite in 2005/2006 by steering the club to victory in the Jubilee Cup. However, in the same season the club finished in last place and only escaped relegation via an intervention by the league.