Sunday Team


  • Jake Caldercourt
  • Sefton Owens
  • Tim Finch

    Tim Finch

    The other half of the management team. Often found trying to improve his ‘board skills’ rather than his ‘football skills’. Great keeper……. When around.


  • Phil Prosser
  • Tom Hunt
  • Jason Bantock
  • Wes Eason
  • Mark Wilson
  • Tom Agnew
  • Mark Hall
  • Alex Leahy
  • Jason Gill


  • Piers Goodwin
  • Danny Yanev

    Danny Yanev

    Opting to switch Saturdays to Sundays for the 2014/15 season Danny has found a home in the middle of the park. A shame that work duties have kept him away from training however he has kept the spirit alive with supportive messages on take away boxes from the Chilli Pickle…

  • James Hyde
  • Kevin Thaxter
  • Kieran Conacher

    Kieran Conacher

    Mr Energy himself, never giving up the cause no matter how frustrating the football got… a good example for the younger players to follow.

  • David Thaxter
  • Jordan Cole
  • Gregory Oldacre
  • Luke Dean
  • Dan Barns
  • Tom Green
  • Sam Hunt
  • Stuart Sullivan


  • Svetozar Popov

    Svetozar Popov

    Fresh back after his hernia operation Zarko has had a great season on both Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Further to Zippos playing season he has also taken on both coaching and managing roles attempting to stamp his Bulgarian flare on the club in an attempt to become the next Ivaylo Petev

    Nickname: Zippo

  • Andy Lindley
  • Tom Guest